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Is Leinart On His Way Out Of Town?

If you buy something from an SB Nation link, Vox Media may earn a commission. See our ethics statement.’s Mike Lombardi has him on a short list of surprising players that could be waived or dealt soon enough. We’ll see.


I definitely don’t get the feeling that Whisenhunt has Leinart penned in as the quarterback of the future in Arizona. Even if Leinart isn’t waived during the season, I think he’ll be gone in the offseason before his salary has the chance to balloon. It’ll take a spectacular season for Matt to secure his long-term future in Arizona, and I don’t think he has one in him.


But all that aside, will the team cut their losses early and begin the healing? Probably not, but I agree with Lombardi: if Matt’s not your man then get on getting on.


[Note by Justin Burning, 08/26/10 8:51 AM MST ]
Kent Somers, Arizona Republic beat writer for the Cards, says the team isn't considering moving or releasing Leinart.