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D-backs Broadcasts: Waiving The Facts

During Wednesday's Diamondbacks-Padres game (subtitle: Joe Saunders Is The Ghost of Wade LeBlanc's Christmas Future), Daron Sutton and Mark Grace paused their passive-aggressive banter long enough to throw to sideliner and game-surrounding show anchor Brad Steinke.

Steinke interviewed Interim General Manager of Personnel-Based Janitorial Duties Jerry DiPoto in the third inning, chatting briefly about September callups, et al. During this exchange, Brad drops this fact-like substance on Jerry:

"Most fans don't know this, but MLB players, for the most part, have to be placed on waivers twice a year."

DiPito responded thusly:

"By rule, every player in the league needs to go through waivers."


Of course, most fans don't know this because it's not true. If your Major League Baseball franchise is currently enjoying their major league player's company, they don't have to send him through the waiver process.

However, if you want to trade said player after July 31, that player either needs to clear waivers or be traded to the team that officially claims him on waivers.

DiPoto, likely recognizing the mistake of omission, inserted the missing clarifier shortly thereafter: "This is that time of year (in) the second half (of the season that) each player needs to secure waivers in order for any kind of move to be made."

Waivers are complicated enough that it takes Steve Phillips 1200 words to explain them. (Though, admittedly, waivers are simple enough that Steve Phillips understands them.) Those new fans that needed Brad's helpful lesson just got a very confusing version of it that will take time to unlearn.

There's 162 games plus preseason plus pos ... well, 162 games plus preseason games, so Brad's certainly allowed a stumble.

I also hope Brad's allowed to present a few charts on the matter on any of his shows he currently hosts to clarify the matter. Also, it will give Sutton and Gracie an open opportunity for that hate sex they're clearly building up to.