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NHL Releases National TV Schedule For 2010-2011 Season, Phoenix Coyotes Get Some Love

The Coyotes were basically an afterthought before the 2009-2010 season. They were receiving virtually no national attention, and justifiably so. The organization had just gone through a messy divorce from The Great One and was facing an uphill battle in the fight to keep the team stationed in Arizona.

Despite all of this, the gritty 'Yotes went out and surprised the nation by putting up a team-record 107 points, grabbing the fourth seed in the West, and taking the defending Western Conference champions to seven games in a vicious back-and-forth series.

As a result of their success, the 'Yotes are now getting the attention they deserve. Last year, Phoenix only had one game that was televised nationally (a January meeting against the Red Wings that ended up being a spectacular come-from-behind overtime win). This year, the Coyotes are scheduled to play on Versus five different times. Let's just call it progress.

Also, it is noteworthy to mention that one of these games is an October tilt against Boston that will be played in the O2 Arena in the Czech Republic.

Phoenix Coyotes 2010-2011 National TV Schedule released