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Old Spice Guy Wins Emmy: Former ASU Football Player Isaiah Mustafa Strikes Comedic Gold

In the recent past, ASU football players have not been known for going pro and excelling at the highest level. A few players do stand out, of course (Terrell Suggs), but the majority of our graduates just doesn't have enough athleticism to make a huge difference.

Just when you thought all hope was lost, Isaiah Mustafa walks through that door. The former ASU wide receiver from 1995 and 1996 has won an Emmy for his fantastic work as the Old Spice guy.

His commercials are so popular that Old Spice created a YouTube channel where fans could ask him questions. Mustafa would "write" back with a video response, and the average response has netted four million viewers.

Old Spice hit the jackpot, and so did Mustafa: he recently signed a talent deal with NBC (ouch) based on his excellent performances.

Here's to you, Old Spice guy. Fun fact: he used to teach math! Thank you, Perez Hilton. My life is now complete.