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Cardinals Offense Fails To Impress In First Half Against Titans

Before I begin discussing the offensive output from the first half of tonight’s game between the Arizona Cardinals and the Tennessee Titans, let's get all of the usual disclaimers out of the way.

Hey, it’s only a preseason game. Just a tune-up for the real deal.

This gives us a chance to evaluate all of our talent and put together the pieces for our season opener.

What did you expect? We’re adjusting to a new quarterback, offensive line, and Larry Fitzgerald is hurt.

Okay, back to reality.

Matt Leinart, our undisputed quarterback going into the 2010 season, went 4/6 for 28 yards and failed to get a first down. Any positive momentum on the first two drives was stalled by the lack of running game.

Tim Hightower got out of the backfield twice in five carries, managing only three total yards.

Stephen Williams, the undrafted rookie wide receiver out of Toledo, has impressed so far, making three catches for 59 yards.

Derek Anderson connected with Williams down the left side of the field for a 37-yard gain, marking the only exciting play for the offense in the entire first half.

What is to blame for this moribund offensive output? One can only quote the great Greg Esposito when he said, “the offensive line is awful.” But it can’t be that simple.

It is a natural shift for an offense, trading away Anquan Boldin and losing Larry Fitzgerald to injury. Kurt Warner is gone. The Cardinals are incapable of sustaining a drive.

Every down, Leinart and Anderson are being forced to throw the ball away before being sacked by the Titans defensive line.

But hey, don’t worry guys. It’s only the preseason. Without blocking or a rushing game, this argument will wear thin quickly once Week 1 rolls around.