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Matt Leinart, Eminem, Rihanna And Arizona Sports Fans

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In the car today I spent the better part of five minutes (like four and three quarters) pondering Eminem's new hit song, "Love The Way You Lie."

Is Rihanna, who sings the female chorus, expressing her own feelings about abusive relationships? (It's a subject she's familiar with given her history with Chris Brown.)

Or is Em, as the male songwriter, projecting his own chauvinistic bias on to his female counterpart?

Then it hit me (with a little help from Greg Esposito) that really this song is about Matt Leinart and his on again, off again relationship with Arizona sports fans.

"Are Cardinals fans/media projecting their own fears about returning to the old Arizona Cardinals and a losing team on to Leinart or do they genuinely think Leinart is terrible," Espo asks.

Are we ready to stand there and watch him burn and will fans really be sad when it happens?

Will we keep taking him back into our arms when he lies (throws interceptions) or will he be kicked to the curb like the bum so many think that he is?

And even though Eminem doesn't go to this depth ... can we get our ex-lover (Warner) back when we are done beating up the current one (Leinart)?

These are the things that we think about in our cars on the morning of the Cardinals second preseason game.

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