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Goran Dragic Says He Might Leave The NBA

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According to this report on a Greek basketball web site, Goran Dragic might leave the NBA after his current contract is up.

Here's the Google translation of his quote:

I am completely satisfied with my presence in the NBA. These two years of development as a player. Corrected in all areas. I have a contract for this year and post it on my choice whether to continue. Maybe back to Europe.

Eventually this will happen for sure. I do not know if it will be the one after that season. But the prospect of a large European group, perhaps Greek, would be quite interesting for me. Winning titles is always a very important .

Goran is under contract with the Suns for $1.97 million for next season and has a team option for $2.1 million for 2011-12.

It is totally possible this is complete bull crap. We've reached out to Goran for comment, but of course he's traveling with his Slovenian National team right now.

There are several possibilities here with this report:

a) It's complete crap and he never said it or anything like it.

b) There's something "lost in translation".

c) Goran's sending a message that he expects a new (big) contract after this season.

d) He's seriously considering going back to Europe, where he could be closer to home, make great money, and be a lead guard on a good team.

Let's hope that this is just the first two or even the third.