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Tassos Melas Translates Dragic Quote

When you need a Greek basketball quote translated, there's really only one person to call. The best Greek in the basketball blogosphere, Tassos Melas of The Score's fantastic Basketball Jones.

Here's what Tas said Goran said - or at least what the Greek web site reported that Goran said:

I am completely satisfied with my presence in the NBA. These two years helped me evolve as a player. I improved in all areas. I have a contract for this year, and then for the following year, it's my choice whether or not to continue (in Phoenix). Maybe I return to Europe.

Eventually this will happen for sure. I do not know if it will the season after next. But the prospect of a big European team, perhaps even Greek, would interest me very much. Winning titles is always something which is very important.

Thanks, Tas.