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Kurt Warner Is The Ex-Lover Fans Can't Get Over

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As Cardinals camp comes to a close the obvious storyline from the time in Flagstaff was the lack of Kurt Warner, or as it's been better known as ...

"Can Matt Leinart actually be a starting quarterback in the NFL?"

That question has been dissected more often than frogs in a high school science class - they still do that, right? - but what hasn't been is the reason for the question in the first place?

Here's a theory: most of Leinart's detractors are like a person who can't get over their ex even when they enter a new relationship.

They are still in love with Kurt Warner and, as a result, can't stop talking about and comparing everything to him.

Matt went 6-for-7 in his first preseason action, his lone blemish a botched handoff when a lineman stepped on his foot, and it still wasn't good enough. Why? Because he's being compared to the ex.

"Kurt would have gone 8-for-7 and levitated past that lineman's foot," they claim.

Honestly, it seems like, at this point, Leinart could turn water into wine and somehow it would get him criticized for being "too much of a party guy."

Next thing you know, people are going to start to tell Chuck Norris-esque jokes about Warner.

"When Kurt Warner tells time, time obeys."

"When Kurt Warner calls a play, the play always answers."

Warner was great and will forever be remembered, but it's time to move on.

The Cardinals are in a committed relationship with Leinart and Warner isn't going to come through those doors and say you "had him at hello."

It's OK to move on, though. Just remember, you'll always have 2008.