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ESPN Thinks The Suns Have No Future

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ESPN, on occasion, does a "future power rankings" for the NBA, sorting teams by brightness of future, so to speak - with those wearing shades near the top and those who should just mercy kill themselves near the bottom.

According to the experts over at the Sports Leader, our Phoenix Suns should probably consider ending it all, because there's not much to look forward to once Steve Nash moves to Sun City to watch classic early 2000s basketball games on an old black-and-white bunny-ears-driven television in his garage, away from the wife and kids, and complains to no one in particular about how kids are playing the game wrong nowadays.

They're currently ranked number 27 out of 30 teams, with only the bitter ex-girlfriend Cavs, the PG- and PF-loaded Timberpups, and the Airness-owned Bobcats ranked lower.

Here's a snippet of what the ole' experts had to say:

The enthusiasm over the Suns' terrific run to the Western Conference finals was seriously dampened by a pretty crappy June and July.

When team president and GM Steve Kerr resigned, owner Robert Sarver took over front-office operations and managed to do a great deal of damage in just a few weeks.

Most of us are fairly pleased with the offseason the Suns had, given the basic inevitability that Amar'e was taking another lover. We're also pretty much diggin' on youngsters Goran Dragic and Robin Lopez and, to a lesser degree, Earl Clark. (Whether or not the Suns front office hates Clark is up for debate, considering they buried him behind a whole slew of new forward acquisitions, even though this is supposed to be the year he gets some playing time to show he can play basketball.)

But the Sports Leader doesn't think as highly of our progressing kiddos, declaring that "as Steve Nash ages, it's hard to imagine how the role players Phoenix has put around him will be able to prevent a Suns slide into irrelevance."

Yeah, the Suns have an unsure future, but seriously... below the Clippers (duh, they're the Clippers), Hawks (will be paying Joe Johnson $25m or so when he's in his mid-thirties), 76ers (bad contracts, coach that doesn't fit, no stars), Hornets (star that wants to be traded, shedding payroll like crazy, play in a city that doesn't support them), and Pacers (paying Danny Granger a lot to avoid being a franchise player, have no discernable game-plan in place, barely found out they're actually staying in Indiana)?