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Diamondbacks Think LaRoche Is Good: Possible Contract Extension On The Table

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Could Seth have been any more off base? Instead of the popular rumor that Adam LaRoche, after clearing waivers, would be an ideal trade candidate, the team is considering signing the slugging first baseman to a contract extension.

This makes sense for a multitude of reasons.

First of all, the Diamondbacks need guys like LaRoche, who can hit home runs while simultaneously not striking out every other at bat. He's a proven commodity in this league, and is having a career season in the desert.

LaRoche is the type of player you want batting sixth in your batting order: lots of power, good average, consistency. He's also over the age of 30, which helps when you're dealing with young stars who need guidance (Justin Upton, Mark Reynolds). 

Finally, LaRoche will come reasonably cheap, as he likes Arizona and would not command a huge contract elsewhere. Something in the range of 8-9 million per season would be more than enough to land LaRoche for the next 2-3 years.

Or maybe this is all smoke and mirrors and LaRoche will be traded tomorrow. Both are entirely plausible scenarios, but it would be a reassuring sight from a fan's perspective to see the team invest in their solvent commodities rather than just trade them all away.