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Arizona Cardinals Quarterback Questions

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Cardinals still don't have an answer about their starting QB.

After the first Arizona Cardinals preseason game, more questions were thrust upon the Cards roster than answers. 

Awesome, the Cardinals beat the Texans (sarcasm), but that clearly was not the story of the game. Only one thing came clear from the Cardinals quarterback situation and that was that Derek Anderson is not very good. 

The former Brown was 13-for-22 with two interceptions. Some will say that I am overreacting; it was just a meaningless game. I tell those people to get a clue and stop drinking the Kool Aid. 

Derek Anderson had three touchdowns and 10 interceptions last season. Derek Anderson had a game he went 2-for-17. 2-for-freaking-17. I think you have to intentionally throw incomplete passes to pull that off. 

Anderson is still living off his 2007 season when he threw 29 TDs and 18 INTs and led the Browns to a surprising 10-6 record.

When you look at the season more closely, it wasn't really as impressive as it seems. In week two, he threw five TDs and one INT against the Cincinnati Bengals. Take that game away and the rest of the season, he threw 24 touchdowns to 17 interceptions. In the last seven games of the 2007 season, he had nine touchdowns and 10 interceptions. 

We know what Derek Anderson is, but we still don't have any idea what Matt Leinart can be. 

Coach Whisenhunt challenged Matt Leinart this week by bringing up Kurt Warner's name on multiple occasions. 

I understand what Whiz is trying to do, but I think it is unfair. 

Leinart was a tackling dummy for Mario Williams and friends as the Cardinals offensive line couldn't have blocked a D-line that consisted of my sister, mom, dad, and me. 

When Leinart was given time to throw the ball, he made a couple solid throws. 

This doesn't mean Leinart is going to be the answer at QB, but it also doesn't mean he is going to be a bust. The former Heisman Trophy winner needs to be given a chance to succeed and if his offensive line doesn't give him time to stand tall in the pocket, there is nothing he can do. God gave Matt good looks and the ability to pull hot chicks, not Vince Young's legs and elusiveness.

The question the Cardinals got an answer for in preseason Game One was not a good one. 

The question they are still waiting to be answered will decide whether they can get back to the playoffs for a third straight year.