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Miesha Tate Out-Earns Joe Riggs

Poor Joe Riggs. He's really not that well-liked among MMA fans and his comments about women fighters when I spoke with him last week haven't helped his reputation.

"We're the show. The men are what people are here to see," Riggs said.

Turns out that's not so much the case, if Strikeforce pay-outs are any indication.

The winner of Strikeforce's first ever women's grand prix proved lucrative for tournament winner Miesha Tate ($18,000). Local Phoenix fighter Joe Riggs ($15,000) was also among of the top earners for Strikeforce Challengers 10.

Joe gets $15,000 for dancing around with Louis Taylor for two-and-a-half rounds before connecting with a solid left that essentially ended the fight.

Tate gets $18,000 for fighting two opponents and putting on a fantastic final match with Hitomi Akano.

Seems fair to me, but maybe Joe needs a better agent to help him break through the glass ceiling.