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Covering The Coverage Of The Brett Favre Coverage

Is there a point where satire and mockery turns in on itself? Say for example, a new show started on Comedy Central with the sole purpose of mocking Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert.

That's the point we've reached with the Brett Favre saga/dilemma/decision/debacle/disaster.

Recent headlines from around the Net proves the point:

Press Coverage: When is ignoring the story the right thing to do? - NFL - Sporting News
At the time these words are coming out of my brain, through my hands and into my computer, there are no fewer than eight different Favre-related links on the NFL page of this site.

Why is ESPN obsessed with Favre? - Message Boards
So it's the middle of the preseason and it's once again 4 straight hours of Brett Favre? For Tebow's sake I'd rather watch them talk about Victor Cruz and that NY game last night.

Forget about Favre: A look at the most overhyped comebacks | Posted Sports | National Post
In an age where the media turns a two-minute event into a five-hour marathon, the wall-to-wall coverage of Favre’s private jet heading to Minnesota is a little much.

NFL 2010: Brett Favre Talk Will Be Over Soon (We Hope) - The Daily Fix - WSJ
The moment when the idiocy and over-coverage of Brett Favre elevated from merely annoying to absolutely ludicrous occurred at 7:10 p.m. ET on Tuesday. That was when celebrity blogger Perez Hilton, in an exclamation point-soaked post, revealed that his “sources” told him Favre will return.

Brett Favre Loves Himself... But We Don't on WEEI
Dale and Michael talk about the ridiculous Brett Favre saga as it appears he is ready to return for another NFL season

Alert! Brett Favre Headed North! Stop The Presses! - From Our Editors -
Are you holding a baby? Performing open-heart surgery? Currently dangling with both hands from a wire suspended between two eighty-story skyscrapers? STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND TURN ON ESPN BECAUSE BRETT FAVRE IS HEADED NORTH. You cannot miss this national news of immense importance, and those petty things will wait.

But the winner goes to the General Manager of the WNBA Washington Mystics, Angela Taylor:

Twitter / Angela Taylor: My new Webster's definitio ...
My new Webster's definition Favre (Färv)- verb, Favred or Favring. To change direction or flip-flop REPEATEDLY! (i.e. I just favred my mind)