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Coyotes Appearing On Pretend Hockey Monument, Mount Puckmore

Jordon Ellel of Five For Howling wades into some dangerous hockey water, since hockey water primarily exists in Canada and let us not forget the Winnipeg-based anger over the Jets now existing as the Coyotes (they will remind you in any/all comment sections). He creates the Coyotes' own version of Mount Puckmore for Puck Daddy.


His quadrumvirate consists of Shane Doan, Jeremy Roenick (with extra points for extensive Scottsdale bars sightings), Teppo Numminen and GM Don Maloney. Not a Wayne Gretzky to be found. Looking forward to appearances of Mt. Puckmore in a (fingers crossed) future Team America movie or if that's unavailable, some semi-lame Jerry Bruckheimer offering.