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Kansas City: The Island Of Misfit Cardinals

As many of you know, when Ken Whisenhunt and Russ Grimm arrived from Pittsburgh in 2007 to save Arizona from football purgatory, they brought a great deal of former Steeler players with them. With guys like Sean Morey, Clark Haggans, Bryant McFadden, Joey Porter, and Alan Faneca doting the Cards roster over the past few years they've earned a reputation as Steelers West.

Yet while the Cardinals have been collecting Steelers like pogs, a faction of former Cardinals is forming in the heartland.

Former Cardinals offensive coordinator Todd Haley is entering his second year as the head man over in Kansas City and has amassed an impressive six ex-Cards on his team - all on the offensive side of the ball. However the list doesn't exactly read like a who's who of stars - unless your definition of "star" pertains to above-average practice squad performance. The super six:

  • Tim Castille - Reserve running back that appeared in 14 games during 2008, mostly as a special teamer.
  • Lance Long - The former Cardinals training camp darling appeared in one game for Arizona (last year's season opener) before his release over a bad case of the dropsies.
  • Leonard Pope - A third round pick out of Georgia in 2006, Pope was supposed to be the future at tight end but never came close to living up to his potential.
  • Jerheme Urban - Whether it was fumbling in the playoffs against the Saints or dropping passes like it was his job, Urban's reign of terror in Arizona finally ended after last season. I also hate everything about him as a football player.
  • Tyler Palko - Though he didn't make the regular season roster for the Cardinals, Palko received a great deal of playing time for the team last preseason. His final masterpiece was a 13-of-30 performance against the Broncos in the final 2009 preseason contest. It seems that he may actually somehow stand a chance of making the Chiefs roster as a third quarterback.
  • Thomas Jones - Bet you forgot this guy was a Cardinal eh? Though Jones has blossomed into a perennial 1,000-yard rusher (five years running), he was a major bust for the Cards - who selected him with the seventh overall pick in the 2000 NFL Draft. 

But why stop there, Chiefs front office? There are plenty more old Cardinals to pick up. Might I suggest Marcell Shipp? Or perhaps I can interest you in a used Neil Rackers (who will invariably lose his kicking battle in Houston)? For a limited time only we can even offer you punter Dirk Johnson for the low, low price of why would you agree to that. 

Chiefs fans, for your sake I hope none of the players (sans Jones) is being counted on for a large contribution as that could spell another long year at Arrowhead.