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Coach Whisenhunt Not Pleased With Cardinals Offense

It was a nice come from behind win and there were some standout individual performances from guys like Daryl Washington and John Skelton, but Coach Whisenhunt put on his grumpy face today when talking about his starting offensive unit.

Word From the Birds Blog

– Whisenhunt said the offensive production behind the top two quarterbacks “wasn’t good enough.” “I was disappointed we weren’t more effective.” he added.

– Whiz was upset about guys lining up wrong. “A couple of times it was a joke, plays we ran 25 times in 2 weeks, it looked like we were running it the first time.” Mental mistakes were much more prevalent than physical ones.

– Nothing new on WR Larry Fitzgerald’s knee sprain. He will likely sit for a while. “Larry would never take a break, so maybe this is a good thing.” Fitz is expected back for the regular season.

Is this just coach-speak to motivate his guys to get better or is there really something to worry about here?