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MLB Draft Signing Deadline: #6 Pick Barret Loux Out, 4 More Pending

Poor Barret Loux. The D-backs have made it pretty clear they aren't going to sign him, based on results of the medical evaluation. The team is worried about the long-term durability of his right arm and shoulder. Being a right-handed pitcher, that's kind of a big deal.

The D-backs get a compensatory pick in next year's draft, so not a big loss, while Loux is forced to re-enter the 2011 draft and basically miss one year of his pro career.

According to Baseball Prospectus, he might not put up with that:

Baseball Prospectus | Future Shock: Draft Deadline Preview
Loux wants to play, and likely won't even get an opportunity from Arizona. This has the potential for a legal battle, with Loux and his representatives going to court in order to make their client a free agent under the theory that Loux has been subjected to the draft, yet not given the opportunity to sign, so he should not be penalized.

Again, no bad guys here, just a victim, and baseball should hopefully do the right thing, although when it comes to the draft, it rarely does.

As for the rest of the D-backs' draft picks, seven of ten have been signed. According to's Steve Gilbert, there's a few holdouts:

D-backs unlikely to sign top Draft pick | News
The D-backs have signed seven of their top 10 picks, and are still actively pursuing deals with Blake Perry (sixth round), James Green (eighth), Kevin Ziomek (13) and Tyler Linton (14).

"I think if we get a couple of those guys signed, we would be happy," D-backs Scouting Director Tom Allison said. "If we get three or four of them signed, we'd be ecstatic."