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SB 1070 Protesters Run On Field During Diamondbacks Nationals Game: Bring Back Streaking

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Politics aside - and really, can't we just be done with this immigration thing already and move on to more important topics like my future congressman's association with The Dirty? - there's nothing I like more than people running on to the field during a baseball game.

Baseball, as even its most ardent fans will admit when drunk, can get a bit boring at times. When people climb the fences that mark the borders between oppression and freedom and they let their crazy flag fly, only hilarity happens.


If it weren't for this drugged up father-son team, we could find our way back to the good old days when taking your clothes off and running across that field was as normal and acceptable as the seventh inning stretch.

It was good clean family fun at the ball park.

Now, they've gone and used the fan on the field thing as a form of political protest, like these morons in Nationals Park on Sunday who interrupted Barry Enright's pitching mojo making a futile point.

As if the Diamondbacks or Bud Selig are going to suddenly change their minds about the 2011 All-Star game because of the "brave" actions of these idealists?


I guess I'm just old-school, but I long for the days when running on the field meant a merry chase between a drunk naked guy and a bunch of out-of-shape security guards. That's entertainment!

Someday, maybe we can get back to the Golden Age of streaking ...