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Barry The Red Faces Stephen The Hype, 10:35 A.M. AZT

Enright vs. Strasburg: Clash of the Titans - AZ Snakepit
Sunday sees the greatest pitching smackdown since...well, since the last time La Strasburg pitched, according to ESPN, anyway. The Diamondbacks' Barry Enright - yet to allow more than three runs in any of his eight starts to daye - will be facing the Cy Young winner for 2010 through 2015 inclusive, Stephen Strasburg in Washington.

The sabermetric view is that Enright doesn't have a chance, with all the made-up stats like xFIP "proving" the sheer dominance of Strasburg. However, Arizona fans - and anyone else who is sick of the overblown marketing hype around Strasburg - will be cheering for the little guy.