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Shocker: Kurt Warner Takes TV Analyst Role With Fox

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In a move that surprises no one, Kurt Warner has accepted a position as a game analyst at Fox. With his football IQ, good looks and charming personality, Warner will slide into the booth with either Chris Myers or Chris Rose, replacing Trent Green.

It appears as though Warner did not want to spend the entire season calling games, and has decided to start the 2010 season with three scheduled appearances.

"He'll find out if this is something he really wants to pursue. And we didn't have a full-season slot open. So the deal, which came together in the last week, worked out well for everybody."

-Fox Sports vice chairman Ed Goren

If he can find the passion for this position, it is conceivable that he would do quite well. Honestly, though, I think Warner could still achieve a higher calling in life.

Warner works to raise awareness for a myriad of causes, such as Civitan International (click the link to watch his public service announcements). Just based on that alone, he has the appeal of a political figure, or a fundraising philanthropist.

While I support his move to the booth, he will discover that he is now entering the prime of his life. I fully expect to see Warner running for public office within the next six years.