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Diana Taurasi's Temper Close To Costing Her A Game

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There's no denying Diana Taurasi's passion which can manifest itself in clutch shots, big stops and technical fouls.

The WNBA, like the NBA, has a policy of suspending players once they reach a certain number of total technical fouls in the season. That number is seven and Taurasi had eight. At least she would have had eight before two were rescinded.

According to league spokesman Ron Howard, the technical called on Taurasi in May 15th against the LA Sparks was reviewed and rescinded. The technical foul she received for the elbow against Jessica Davenport while playing against the Indiana Fever on August 8th was removed when that foul was upgraded to a Flagrant Penalty Two. Oh, sweet irony.

Taurasi stands at six technical fouls and will be suspended for a game if she receives another at any point during the remaining four games of the regular season.

Make your own conclusion if the league gave Taurasi "star treatment" by rescinding previous technical fouls. Certainly possible. There's also little doubt that officials have been overly itchy with their trigger fingers when dealing with her. In the end, it all probably balances out.

The Mercury who have lost their last three games, face the New York Liberty on Saturday at 4:30 P.M. AZT. The game will be televised on NBA TV.