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Mercury Face Fever In Revenge Game, 4:00 P.M. AZT

We all know what happened when these two teams last met. It was brutal.

Actually, it was a darn good basketball game before Bonner got knocked cold and the Mercury proceeded to collapse and then DT broke Davenport's nose. That was brutal.

Taurasi will play tonight in Indiana according to team spokesman Brett Burchard and DeWanna Bonner is back with the team but listed as "day-to-day".

Will Davenport or any of her teammates be looking for revenge on Diana? Who knows, but something tells me that Taurasi wouldn't mind if they did try and start something. Her elbows (and fists) are always ready.

Hopefully (and likely) there will be none of that and these professionals will take their aggression out by playing hard and trying to win the game. That's how it should be and how it usually is - especially if the score is close.

With losses to the Fever and Sky this week, the Mercury dropped back below .500 (14-15) but are still firmly in control of the 2nd seed. Phoenix is three games up from San Antonio and Minnesota with five games left.

If the Mercury had won in Chicago, a win tonight wouldn't have been needed at all but with that loss, Phoenix really should get one of the next two road games. Unfortunately, the team leaves right from Indiana after the game and heads to New York for a rematch with Cappie and the Liberty tomorrow.