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University Of Arizona Wildcats: Coach Stoops Wants Wildcats To Play Football In Phoenix

Who can blame him, really. But at the same time it's not a given that sports fans in Phoenix want to see the Wildcats play anywhere outside of Sun Devil stadium when they are lined up as the away team.

Stoops favors playing non-conference game in Phoenix (video) - AG's Wildcat Report
Playing a non-conference game in the Phoenix area. This was an interesting response. Not only did Stoops say he wants to do it, but he would have loved to have played Iowa in Phoenix (or, more accurately, University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale) this season.

In the future, though, if the program is at a high-enough level where it can attract a big-name opponent and give up the home-field advantage of Arizona Stadium, Stoops is all for traveling north for that game. "You want to bring this product to Phoenix," he said.