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Strikeforce Challengers: Joe Riggs TKOs Louis Taylor In 3rd Round

The crowd was certainly pro-Joe and about 75% full.

1st Round:

Not a lot of action as the fighters poked and jabbed and missed each other repeatedly. Louis advanced more but Riggs got a take down late in the round.

2nd Round:

Joe landed a nice flying punch and Taylor landed a few punches. Taylor was able to get in a take Riggs down behind a few jabs that kept Joe's hand's and attention up. Taylor landed a few punches from above but nothing special.

3rd Round:

The crowd was booing the two fighters for a lack of action when Riggs managed to rock Taylor with a left as he was coming in. Joe followed the strike with a take down and proceeded to pound Taylor into a TKO.

Not a very entertaining fight but effective for Riggs.

...Stay tuned, more to come



(Photos by Dennis Tarwood)