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Garage Sale Finds Worth More Than Five Bucks

Garage sales are mostly filled with spit-up stained baby clothes and plastic toys that used to be actual colors, but are now dirt-grey. But it appears we've been attending the wrong garage sales. Greg Estes of Owenton, Kentucky scored a bike at the 127 Corridor Sale (that's right, 675 miles of crap piled in driveways, stretching from Hudson, Michigan to Gadsden, Alabama) for five bucks ... sweet. Yes, it had two flats, but turns out it's a custom bike built for Floyd Landis, Tour de France winner he of disgraced pro cycling fame, and would retail for $8,000.


This begs the question ... what would Arizona sports fans like to find at a garage sale buried under 500 Happy Meal toys and four broken remote controlled cars? Yep, it's a poll.