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Myth Busted: Diamondbacks Season Attendance Numbers Are Not As Low As Barry Enright's ERA

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Jim over at 'da Pit does his normal great work, with his attentions focused on Diamondbacks attendance figures for the season.

Sure, they've broken franchise records for single-game low turnout, but as Jim will demonstrate using fancy techniques like "math" and "charts," the NL West Cellar Dwellers aren't doing all that bad. Especially considering that beyond the miserable season record, the economy in the great state of Arizona is in the crapper.

Be sure to click through and read the whole thing.

Thoughts on Diamondbacks Attendance - AZ Snakepit
But overall, the attendance per game at Chase Field is down only 465 on last season, a number almost exactly in line with the average drop across all baseball this year, of 402 per game.

In other Diamondbacks news, Dan Hudson continues to look really good with his two-pitch arsenal. I can't help but wondering, though, how long before the league figures him out. If that slider doesn't round into form, he might be better suited for bullpen duty at some point.

Then again, five RBI in three starts and 10 plate appearances will make it tough to pull him out of the batting order, let alone the rotation.