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D-backs Roll Out Logo To No Fanfare, Let's Keep This On The Mad DL, K?

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Seems like hosting the MLB All-Star game would be a big deal, with that whole national spotlight thing going on.


But the Diamondbacks rolled out - well, really they kind of left in the middle of the parking lot for the media to trip over and then scurried back inside Chase, shutting the door firmly behind them - the new 2011 All-Star Game logo. It's not even that bad of a logo.




It seems the controversy and fallout from SB 1070 has claimed another victim. This little logo, with its somewhat predicable design and familiar "southwest" color choices deserves better than just turned out in the unforgiving summer heat.


Please, Mr. Derrick Hall, bring the logo into the air-conditioned empty barn you have. I think there are some seats in the upper level it can have.