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No Suspension For Taurasi For Breaking Davenport's Nose

According to an official league source, Diana Taurasi’s technical foul on Jessica Davenport has been upgraded to a Flagrant 2 and she was assessed an undisclosed fine. She will not be suspended.

Taurasi broke Davenport’s nose with an elbow thrown with about 3 minutes remaining in Sunday’s game against the Indiana Fever.

There was no additional penalty assessed to Shavonte Zellous for her hit on DeWanna Bonner that sent Bonner to the hospital.

Considering league precedent, this seems like a fair ruling to me.

Here is the official definition of a flagrant foul:

To be unsportsmanlike is to act in a manner unbecoming to the image of professional
basketball. It consists of acts of deceit, disrespect of officials and profanity.

The penalty for such action is a technical foul. Repeated acts shall result in
expulsion from the game and potentially a fine.

A flagrant foul-penalty (1) is unnecessary contact committed by a player
against an opponent.

A flagrant foul-penalty (2) is unnecessary and excessive contact committed
by a player against an opponent. It is an unsportsmanlike act and the offender is
ejected following confirmation by instant replay review.

The offender will be subject to a fine and/or suspension by the President.