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Manager Notes: Gibson Not Sleeping Much

D-backs manager Kirk Gibson told media members to “have a nice time” after his pregame conversation with them Wednesday.

That marks the first time in my many years as a sports writer that I’ve heard a coach or manager say such a thing, though he might have been sarcastic about it.

Nevertheless, Gibson had a few things to say. He was asked about reliever Jordan Norberto, the only lefty in the pen for Arizona.

“Norberto’s been a really nice addition for us. He came in last night for a specific guy and he got (Cubs OF Kosuke) Fukudome on four pitches. That’s something that I really, when I talked to Jerry, I wanted to have that luxury. He’s done really well. Threw the ball well, located well.”

Gibson asked the aforementioned Jerry DiPoto, the team’s interim GM, for a lefty reliever. DiPoto agreed and the plan was to wait a little while, but a taxed bullpen necessitated the callup of Norberto on Sunday. This is the same Norberto who was optioned to AAA Reno because he was struggling mightily on April 21.

-On reliever Aaron Heilman, Gibson said the reliever is struggling with his control and location and is giving up walks that are leading to runs. Heilman has given up a home run in consecutive outings and 8 runs on 12 hits over 8 2/3 innings in his last nine outings.

-Gibson said he hasn’t been able to relax much since he became manager. He’s risen at 5 a.m. each day. “My life is really dedicated to this and I’ve got a lot of thoughts,” Gibson said. “I’m sure it will get better.”
On Wednesday morning he took a mountain bike ride with his son and stopped at a Starbucks, where he ran into “a very interesting person,” whom he wouldn’t elaborate on.