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Wildcard Wednesday: Desert Dirt Blogs You Might Have Missed

Recapping some of our best blogs of the past week

The Tour de France is far more sexual than you might imagine. (photo via Getty Images)
The Tour de France is far more sexual than you might imagine. (photo via Getty Images)

Everyday our editors and columnists drop these fantastic little bits of blogging greatness that you might have missed.

Here's a recap of some of the good one's.


Jun 29: Responding to the Charles Barkley as Suns GM column in the AZ Republic

Lack of technical expertise and experience aside, what we know about Chuck is that he's a gambler - not a good one - and he's got all the creativity, tact and patience of Oliver Miller at a free crab buffet.


Jul 1: A Solution for the D-backs struggling bullpen

"Waaah, our bullpen stinks ... they're so bad, they couldn't even out Ellen DeGeneres."

"Geez, our bullpen is bad; their dogs all pee on the living room rug because they've never been out before."

It goes on ... trust me.

What is the solution? We all remember that lovely little 18-year-old Japanese schoolgirl, Eri Yoshida, who is currently knuckleballin' her way through the Golden Baseball League playing for the Chino Outlaws.


Jul 2: Reaction to Amare leaving the Suns

The Suns did their best to keep him and to protect the franchise from a contract that could have dragged the entire organization down. Amare did what he felt he needed to do. I have no finger of blame to point in this.

I wish Amare nothing but the best; now it's time to move on. 

Welcome to the Hakim Warrick era, may it only last one season until the Suns have cap space and flexibility to find another All-Star-caliber frontcourt player, which as the Chicago Bulls can tell you is easier said than done.


Jul 3: 18-game NFL season is a bad idea

Hey NFL, you're already rich. Eighteen games means paying your players more, and c'mon Bill Bidwill, Jerry Jones and company, you don't really want to shell out more dough, right? 

And does 18 games mean you have to start training camp earlier to be in better shape for the start of the season? The players union isn't going to be down with that. 

Enough said. Status quo.


Jul 4: Cappie Pondexter's classless act

Truly a despicable act by Pondexter is the only way I can characterize the whole thing. What possessed her to do this is something that only she can explain. These were not only former teammates, but supposedly friends. Her actions leave many questions about her motives but also what kind of person she is...

The action also ended any goodwill she may have had with Mercury fans who are some of the most loyal fans in all of sports. It's obvious Pondexter has issues with her old club and some of her teammates, fortunately for Phoenix she's no longer their concern.


Jul 5: Slightly homoerotic love affair with le Tour de France

For the last seven or nine years, I've been hooked on this July classic. I could watch every second of skinny dudes in colorful shirts and tight shorts pumping their way across the French countryside. Up and down mountains. Through valleys. The entire thing is an orgasm of competitive spirit.

You can't hope to just watch a few minutes and understand, though. You have to invest in le Tour like a patient lover. You need to watch for days and even weeks to fully comprehend how every stroke of the pedal has a specific purpose towards achieving the greatest glory...

This is not an endeavor for those who are into fast gratification. This is a sport for those who know how to delay their satisfaction and milk the most from extended pleasures.

Jul 6: Bitter fan will boo Amare when he returns

I'm not going to sit here and pretend that I'm a classy guy. In fact, I'd venture to say that I'm the complete opposite. However, I do love my sports teams with a burning hot passion that borders on insane. Thus, when a player leaves the city and team I love, I feel justifiable bitter -- so bitter, in fact, that I will gladly lead a chorus of boos when that player returns to the Valley of the Sun.