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Cappie Pondexter's Cheap Foul And Cowardly Post-Game Reaction

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We will have to wait for things to settle out before we know more about what prompted Cappie Pondexter's cheap foul on Penny Taylor. If we ever do. In the meantime, her actions tonight on the court and after the game speak for themselves.

The Flagrant 2 foul, which is clear from the photo, was not incidental and her actions immediately following the foul only reinforce that.

She didn't go to help Taylor up or express any kind of regret and, according to reports, she even shoved Taurasi as she was moving to help her teammate.

Post-game, Pondexter had plenty of time to cool down having watched the final two quarters of the game from the locker room. Yet she refused to speak with the media and offer any kind of explanation or expose herself to questioning.

Instead, she issued 140-character excuses via Twitter.

I'm sayin this to all my fans I would never do anything on the court to hurt anyone! Imma competitor 1stless than a minute ago via ÜberTwitter


But her former coach Corey Gaines apparently felt otherwise, stating immediately after the incident, "Now the truth comes out. Everyone can see," according to a tweet from someone near him.

I won't even begin speculate about any off-the-court issues that prompted Pondexter's actions, instead we will just let her cheap foul and cowardly response speak for themselves.