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Goran Dragic Drops Triple-Double On China's Sun Yue In Boris Stanković Cup Action

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It may be that you've never heard of the prestigious Boris Stanković Cup, which (obviously) is held in China to "promote basketball in that country and to provide an opportunity for the Chinese Men’s National Team to compete with other international champions."

More from the event's official website:

Dates: July 28 - August 1, 2010

City:Liuzhou City, China

Venue:Liugang Gymnasium

Governing Host:International Basketball Federation£¨FIBA£©

Organizers:Chinese Basketball Association,

The People's Government of Liuzhou City

Co-organizers:Ideal Sport Culture & Arts Planner Co., Ltd,

This year's tournament features Australia, Iran, Slovenia and, of course, China.

After beating Iran and losing to the Aussies, Dragic's team (and I think that's fair to say) took on the host nation, which included NBA player Yi Jianlian and former NBA player and cult phenom Sun Yue.

Dragic dominated the game with 15 points, 10 rebounds and 10 assists.

Here is the official people's report of the match: 30th, on the third day of the 6th Stankovic Continental Champions Cup, China against Slovenia, Slovenia won with 75-71, and the key player from Slovenia Goran Dragic performed perfectly, scored 15 points and 10 assists. In the last 1 minute, he made Wang Shipeng foul and led the team win with 4 points advantage.

In this match, Dragic and Yi Jianlian became the highlights due to the absence of Yaoming and Bogut. In the first two matches, Dragic performed as good as he did in Phoenix Suns. First match against Iran, he scored 15 points and 4 assists; and the second against Australia, he scored 7 points and 6 rebounds.

In today's match, China led at first, Dragic then layup and scored three-pointer to help his team win the control of the pace. In Phoenix Suns, Dragic owns the title ¡°substituter of Nash¡±. And for Slovenia, his key role not only lies in scoring points, but also in deploying in attacks and defense. Today, at the key moment that determining victory, Dragic has made great contributions. The last minutes--- Dragic successfully blocked Wang Shipeng and assured Slovenia's win.

Although Dragic was covered by the halo of Nash in NBA, yet he was an outstanding leader in Slovenia National Team, and Stankovic Continental Champions Cup is the starting point of Dragic being famous around the world.

Goran's brother Zoran had seven minutes of action with zero points and two rebounds. Beno Udrih's brother Samo (you can't make this stuff up) finished with 13 points in 27 minutes. Full box score.