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Darnell Dockett Won't Hold Out Over Contract Dispute

Darnell Dockett wants a new deal but hasn't yet come to terms with the Cardinals who are focused on signing first-round pick Dan Williams.

Dockett called into XTRA910 radio and has this to say according to Mike Sando's NFC West blog:

"I sat down to talk to my coach and Rod Graves and I feel good about our conversation and I think everything is going to work itself out," Dockett told XTRA910.

"I want to just focus on football and getting our team back to the winning chemistry. We have lost a lot of good guys and for me not to be in that huddle, it ain't about the money at that point. It's about pride. It's about what I mean to my team. I feel if I'm not there, we are taking a step back. I'm just ready to play football. I trust those guys to do a great job and handle the situation and I want to be accountable to my teammates."

Good news, because the Cardinals will need the Full Dockett doing his thing this season. A contract hold-out would put a sour note on the start of camp.

Dockett, one of the more colorful Arizona sports personalities, called from the road but don't worry about his safety. Darnell has a driver for the drive up. He prefers to uStream himself and look at the pretty landscape.