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Diamondbacks CEO Derrick Hall Disengaged From Baseball Operations Opened Rift With Josh Byrnes

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The Arizona Republic's Nick Piecoro adds more behind the scenes meat to the recent firing of general manager Josh Byrnes and manager A.J. Hinch.

According the the story the firing was in large part due to a stylistic difference between the two men.

"It became a personality clash that was irreparable," one Republic source said. "I think it just came down to Kendrick having to pick a side, and he did."

Even more interesting then two executives not getting along was the notion that Hall was disengaged in baseball operations after becoming CEO of the team.

"I think I could have spent more time with Josh," he said. "Unfortunately, the way we were set up before, that was the way that we were structured, the way we practiced our business. It was awkward and uncomfortable for me. That's no one's fault but mine. I think Josh certainly wanted me to be a part of it, to listen more and learn more from them and ask the right questions, challenge them."

It's hard to imagine a CEO of a baseball team ignoring the baseball operations side of the business. That would be like the CEO of an Airline not paying attention to the airplanes.