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An 18-game NFL Season? As Ochocinco Says, 'Child, Please'

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Kind of hard to fathom the talk about an 18-game NFL season, which would cut down the preseason to two games. Bad idea. 

First of all, the players don't like it. If anything, the preseason should be cut by a game and maintain the 16-game regular-season. Lessens the chance of an injury to a starter who only plays the equivalent of a full game over the four preseason games as it is. 

Teams charge the same ticket prices for preseason games as regular-season -- 18 regular-season games only gives owners a chance to raise prices, which isn't good for Joe Fan the average consumer. 

Eighteen games means starting the season in August. That just means more summer heat, more competition with MLB and college football. Not fair to the college kids if you ask me. 

The NFL format is good as is. Sixteen games over 17 weeks. Start in September, end in February. The season is long enough as it is for these players, and as an NFL beat writer for seven seasons, I can tell you that NFL players earn their millions in what is the most violent game in this country. Let's think of the future of the players after their NFL careers, and not extend the season so as to make it more possible that a serious injury could occur. 

Personally,  I love the four-game preseason. The first two games offer a glimpse at the starters and long looks at the backups and rookies. The third game is a make-or-break game for backups and youngsters before cuts. The fourth game is a tuneup and one last chance for anyone on the bubble of making the roster. It's high drama. 

Hey NFL, you're already rich. Eighteen games means paying your players more, and c'mon Bill Bidwill, Jerry Jones and company, you don't really want to shell out more dough, right? 

And does 18 games mean you have to start training camp earlier to be in better shape for the start of the season? The players union isn't going to be down with that. 

Enough said. Status quo.