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Pac-10 Makes Logical Decision To Rename Self Pac-12 Once Colorado And Utah Join

The Pac-10 started its self remodel with a new logo and website and will follow up with name change to the Pac-12. These announcement came with an east-coast media blitz by Pac-10 players and coaches.

The new logo and website are the beginning of a new approach to media and fan relations, according to

The new website will retain all the things fans have come to expect – schedules, scores, standings – it will now offer video highlights, streaming video, blogs, and other state-of-the-art features. As part of the Conference’s digital initiative, fans and media will also be able to follow this week’s media tour via Twitter (@Pac10), Facebook ( and Flickr.

Meanwhile, the Big-12 commissioner, Dan Beebe, is saying that Colorado should join the Pac-10(11) in 2011 instead of waiting until 2012. According to

"I think all of us have that interest," Beebe said when asked about CU leaving a year earlier than originally planned. "We just have to make sure we've got everything solidified in terms of all the issues. Everybody has been tremendous in terms of working together. There has been a very, very strong expression by our board and our athletics directors about ensuring that these relationships are treated well and that both institutions that are departing are treated with the utmost respect. That's been demonstrated in what we've carried out so far."