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Audio: Joe Saunders Sad To Leave Cali

Dan Haren was both relieved to be off the trading block but also thrilled to be returning to his hometown Angels where he has the opportunity to play for something meaningful. Wins.

Joe Saunders, however, literally was crying when interviewed about coming Phoenix where he happens to have a home as well. Of course, his house is in Chandler which might explain a lot. Or maybe it's the prospect of playing in front of Chad Qualls.

While Joe's tears were more about leaving the Angel's organization and his buddies on the team, he can't be pleased to be going from a pennant race to the cellar.

Here's the audio via Angel's Insider.

Audio of Saunders tearful comments

I guess no one told Joe, there's no crying in baseball and besides, people love the deal.


I like yesterday's trade. Although we will miss Danny it gives us the $ flexibility and arms to compete next year and for years to come.less than a minute ago via TweetDeck