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Gibby's Frustrations Continue As D-backs Fail To Capitalize

Diamondbacks manager Kirk Gibson said he couldn't talk about the Dan Haren trade because it hadn't been approved by the commissioner. That was after the official press release went out. After Dan Haren talked about being traded to a competitive team. And minutes before Jerry Dipoto discussed the deal.

What Gibby would talk about was his frustration with getting swept by the Giants and losing yet another winnable game.

"You don't even know how frustrating it is," he said.

Maybe he didn't trust himself to talk for fear that his envy at Haren being moved to a winning club would come through.

There was more he wouldn't talk about regarding this game, as well.

"So many things go into that game for me ... There's certain things that I can't tell you because it would be stupid to tell you, just about some of the strategy," he said.

What could Gibson be talking about?

He got a great six-inning performance from his starter, Barry Enright, who said, "It's one of those games where you really have nothing, but you get through."

That, at least, was a bright spot for Gibby, who talked about that exact same thing - competing when you don't have your best stuff - before the game. He was describing Lincecum's intangibles at that time, so obviously he's pretty happy with his starter.

The bullpen wasn't a complete disaster. They gave the D-backs four innings of three-hit ball, giving up just one earned run. You can't ask for too much more than that, can you?

Enright swung the bat well, putting up a 2-for-2, two-RBI performance. I am guessing Gibson having his pitcher be the run producer wasn't in the plan, so that's a bonus, no?

Probably, Gibby is talking about the blown opportunity in the ninth inning, when the D-backs could have -- and should have -- won the game.

Facing Sergio Romo in place of ace Tim Lincecum, Steven Drew led off with the single. It was a base he earned with his effort, beating Ishiikawa to the bag. So far, so good.

Gerardo Parra then laid down a sacrifice bunt to advance the speedy Drew to second. Well done.

At that point, Gibby started inserting himself into the game in a more aggressive fashion. He pinch-hit Rusty Ryal for Augie Ojeda. Ryal's been hitting the ball well of late so ... bingo! Ground ball to shallow right advances Drew to third.

First and third, one out. Bottom of the ninth, tie game. Looking pretty good for pulling out a much-needed win.

Gibby elected to pinch-hit Cole Gillespie at this point instead of Mark Reynolds or Chris Snyder, who were available on his bench. Oh, OK. I see. You wouldn't want those power guys coming up to the plate in a situation where a sac fly wins the game. Right?

Gillespie struck out and then Young did, as well. Inning over. Game over.

Maybe there's a message being sent to some of those guys about being ready to play or not striking out or something else we can only speculate about. Only Gibby knows.