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Joe Saunders: Player Profile

Joe Saunders has been pitching consistently in the majors since the 2006 season, and brings a solid lefty pitcher to a Diamondbacks team that needs one desperately.

Lets take a look at Joe Saunders’ scouting report, served up from his player profile on SB Nation.

Assets: Is a battler. Uses a solid fastball and change-up to keep hitters off balance, as well as to challenge them when the need arises. Knows how to pitch to contact.

Flaws: Can be prone to serving up too many long balls, especially when he becomes a little too predictable with his pitches. Doesn’t strike a lot of batters out.

Career Potential: Solid mid-rotation starter.

The switch from the AL West to the NL West might improve Saunders’ numbers, but he needs to keep runners off the basepaths first. His WHIP is 1.48, which is one of the main reasons for his regression to a mid-4 ERA over the past two seasons.