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Manager's Notes: Reynolds Days Off, Lincecum's Intangibles, Executing Pitches

Reynolds' rest

Mark Reynolds is getting the day off today, which will give him two days of rest with tomorrow's travel day.

"He's been grinding hard. Off the field, too - in the cage and stuff. We don't have great match-ups against this guy anyway and just thought this would be a good day," manager Kirk Gibson said of Reynolds, who might not be thrilled with the news. "He cares. He's been very motivated to get better. I know that."

Augie Ojeda will get the start at third.

Sam Demel - He's a good one, he's got the right stuff

Demel gave up a grand slam to Juan Uribe with two outs in the seventh inning of a what was a 3-1 game. He inherited two runners before walking Posey ahead of Uribe.

Gibson explained, "I don't think he felt like he executed his game plan against Posey and the pitch to Uribe - actually, I thought it was a fast ball, but I think it was cutter that backed up. He told me last night that hit cutter that usually cuts was backing up on him. That's a pitch designed to be on the outside of the plate and move off and it actually went back in. But if you look at it, it was a low pitch... pretty good location. You've got to give Uribe a little bit of credit for putting the stick on it."

Gibson is still high on Demel: "The kid works hard. He's got a pretty good idea. I know he's disappointed in his performance, but he's a good one. He's got the right stuff."

Lincecum's intangibles

Gibby talked about Lincecum's four pitches that he will throw at any time, but was most impressed with his other stuff: "He's very competitive. You can say all you want about his pitches, but his intangibles are probably his biggest attribute from what I see."

We will resist making the obvious pot-smoking joke here to avoid disrespecting the game.