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Guess Which D-backs Player Hasn't Been Traded?

All of them … at least not yet. And maybe all of this chatter will just fizzle out as so much chatter usually does.

The general sense is that the D-backs are overvaluing Dan Haren relative to what the rest of the market thinks he’s worth.

That’s not a bad thing.

The Diamondbacks are young enough as it is without trading away a top-of-the-rotation arm who should be entering his prime years.

We’ll see what the next few days bring, but making moves to make moves might be fun to write about but isn’t always the best long-term play. Do we really want Rodrigo Lopez and Adam LaRoche to be the only guys over 30 on this roster?

More on that whole thing about the Haren market drying up:

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Joel Sherman of the New York Post blogs that obtaining Haren could limit the Yankees in their off-season pursuit of the left-hander, who will become a free agent this winter. With Haren under contract for 2011 and '12 (at $12.75 million per), the Yankees may not be able to squeeze Lee's anticipated $20-$25 million salary into their budgeted payroll of $200 million or so. Remember, he says, they have to re-sign Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera and Pettitte.

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Detroit News columnist Tony Paul suggests there are now too many holes to fill, and that adding Lilly or Dan Haren won't offset an offense that will struggle.

You will recall that the Yankees and Tigers were the two teams most interested in him. Were.