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Math Geek + Baseball Fan = More Balls Caught

Oh, baseball fans. Is it any wonder that about 60% of you are college educated folk making over $50,000 per year (according to a recent Harris Interactive poll)?

It's become a sport that's "Money-balled" its way out of the bleachers and into the advanced math classes of America. If you don't speak Sabermetricalistics, don't bother applying.

Well thankfully, there's one fan who's figured it all out. Who cares if you can mathematically predict the outcome of every possible game scenario and create a formula to estimate win shares of a player outside the confines of playing with his team?

What really matters is this. This guy. This hero of the people has figured it all out. He has put his big brain and high-powered education to work solving a problem that affects us all:

How to catch more free baseballs during batting practice!

It's a pretty complex formula, so jump the shark... err, page, and check it out.


Did you catch all that? It was pretty complicated stuff. Let me try and boil it down to language for the rest of us non-math geeks.

What you want to do - if you want many free baseballs - is go to the place where there are fewer people trying to catch the ball.


Let's see if we can extrapolate this theory to other things in life...

  • If I want to see more pretty girls, what should I do? Go somewhere where there's a lot of pretty girls
  • If I want to fill my belly, what should I do? Go somewhere with a lot of food

Wow, I think I got it!

How about this... and you might want to sit down before you read further...

If Mark Reynolds wants to not be the MLB strikeout king, he should... stop swinging where the ball isn't!!

I am surprised this young man hasn't been called up to consult with a big league club yet.

And by the way, maybe I am just old and jaded, but why would someone really want three batting practice balls? Are they really that cool?