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Diamondbacks CEO Derrick Hall Addresses Trade Rumors

After taking questions about the possibility of opening the 2011 season with two games in Taiwan, CEO Derrick Hall talked about trade rumors swirling around the club.

He wouldn't get too specific about what trading partners they are speaking with and which players are being discussed, but he was pretty clear about what he expects to get back should the D-backs give up ace right-hander Dan Haren.

He also implied strongly that one or more deals could be made before the July 31 deadline. Whether that includes Haren or not depends on what teams are willing to give up to get him.

The D-backs are looking for an MLB-ready pitcher for Haren, either from an existing rotation or perhaps a Triple-A player who's ready to move up, but can't due to circumstances. It could be a rotation pitcher, a reliever or both -- but that's not all.

"If we can get three or four pieces that bring back value now and are also controllable for a number of years then we'd have to consider it," Hall said about his asking price.

Haren isn't the only pitcher other teams are interested in. Edwin Jackson is a guy getting looks, along with a number of other players.

The team feels the fans would accept a deal for one or more of the core players if they saw it as a way to improve quickly and be competitive next season. Hall seemed to want to avoid the impression that the D-backs -- who are still paying on contracts for Eric Byrnes, along with the recently released manager and general manager 0- are looking to dump salary in a cost-cutting move.