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Deuce Lutui's Agent To Cards: Big Is Beautiful, Deal With It

Deuce is a big boy. Last season he played at around 340 pounds. That's a lot of offensive lineman to love, but this summer, the big boy couldn't lay off the Lay's and showed up to his contract signing at 396 large.


Coach Whiz wasn't too happy with his monster, as quoted by the Arizona Republic:

"If you're trying to put your best foot forward … in order to get a long-term contract, you would think when the time comes to sign and you get a physical, you would be in good shape."

Not to be out-eaten in the war of words, Deuce's mouthpiece, agent Ken Harris, first right back:

"As for his weight, he's a hard worker and I have no doubt he will be within the range he reasonably should be when it counts. If the club isn't pleased with him, I'm happy to assist them on a possible trade. Otherwise, we should let his play on the field this season speak for itself like it did last year."
Perhaps the two men need to sit down over lunch and talk about how eating less and exercising more is beneficial to the long-term health and career prospects of the 27-year-old Hawaiian native.