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Robert Sarver Continues to Loom Over Suns

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Robert Sarver has the Phoenix Suns heading in the wrong direction.

Phoenix Suns Owner Robert Sarver laid out his blueprint for the organization when Lon Babby was introduced to the Valley Tuesday afternoon.

Sarver would have done himself a favor if he introduced Babby and stepped off the stage, allowing Alvin Gentry and the new President of Basketball Operations to handle the media.

Instead, Sarver, who loves being the center of attention, stayed seated at the podium and confused the heck out of me.

One second, free agency is the way for the Suns to build because of how attractive it is for NBA players to be in the city of Phoenix. The next, they had to use all their cap space this summer because they wouldn't be able to get a franchise player through free agency and will have to address the situation through a trade in the future.

One second, college scouting is overrated and the Suns will be investing in full-time NBA scouts, the next, Sarver states there is a chance they will increase the amount of money they put into scouting college players.

Sarver's reasoning for spending more money on NBA scouting is because the amount of money you spend on a draft pick is significantly less compared to the amount you have to spend to sign free agents.

Robert Sarver thinks the Suns can attain reasonable contracts through free agency, which will allow them to keep their roster flexibility.

Did Sarver pay attention to what happened in NBA free agency this summer? Look at the ridiculous contracts Drew Gooden, Travis Outlaw, Wes Matthews, Travis Outlaw, Channing Frye, Josh Childress, etc. all received.

Three of the five best contracts on the Suns roster are Goran Dragic, Jared Dudley and Robin Lopez (other two are Steve Nash and Grant Hill -- both took less than market value).

Why is that? Because they are all on their rookie contracts!!!!!

Question 2: What is the best way to obtain a player on their rookie contract (this is a real brain-buster)? By drafting them!!!!!!

If Sarver wants to obtain young, reasonably priced talent -- who either have trade value or can be developed -- the way to acquire these players is through the draft, not free agency and trades.

The way Sarver wants to run the Suns, they can be a successful organization, but don't expect to win an NBA championship. Every single team that has won an NBA championship, besides the 2003-04 Pistons, has been built heavily through the draft.

If you take Sarver at his word, over 60 years of evidence isn't important. Players are dying to come to Phoenix. The draft is overrated, free agency and trades are the way to go.

The Phoenix Suns are heading in the wrong direction and it is because they are following their fearless leader Robert Sarver, who is scared to build a team the right way.