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Notes: Kirk Gibson's Pregame Media Availability

Mixing up the lineup

  • Gibby is mixing things up a bit for this game with Ojeda starting at short, Abreu at second, Gillespie in left field and Ryal at first.
  • "We've got to get all these guys playing, they haven't played much since the break and then we've got a stretch of 20 games after Monday. These guys are good players too," the un-mustached manager said.

Chris Synder and Barry Enright

  • "I don't know that he shook one pitch off. Chris Synder did a great job."
  • Barry had very good control of his slider and moved his fast ball in and out

Approach with 3-0 count and striking out less

  • Gibby will generally give the batter the green light with a 3-0 count. He believes it shows confidence in the hitter but also makes them more selective.
  • This ties into striking out less. Another way to achieve that isn't so much to stress "don't strike out" as to emphasize looking for your pitch with a keen eye. That starts with understand both your pitch and what pitch you need in what situation.
  • Gibby will yell "keyhole" from the bench to remind the batter to focus on a small area where his pitch will be.
  • "We're going to continue to work on it, that's part of the developing that we're doing. Getting these guys to understand that just because the pitcher throws a strike doesn't mean you swing. If he throws a strike in your area in a given situation that your trying to drive the ball out of the park then you've got to know there's an area there. If you're trying to get the guy over from second base to third base with nobody out then it's another area there. If you're trying to bunt the ball then you don't want the ball high. It always changes and you have to understand that and then you need to have your game plan accordingly."
  • Gibby went on to talk about aspects of situational hitting and how players need to stay within themselves when they are ahead in the count and yet also understand they need to no adjust to a 2-0 change-up but swing hard and make sure they don't make contact.

Other notes

  • Gibby, for good reason, isn't going to name a closer. He meets with the pitching coaches before the game and discusses who's looking good and for the most part goes with the recommendation of Mel Stottlemyre.
  • Webb update is making progress but he's got a ways to go. He's mentally ready but he's probably in the frustrating stage.  He doesn't have any answers as to when he might pitch but it's still possible it could be this season.
  • Gibby likes hockey, football not so much

Audio:Gibby pre-game office meeting 072110