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Rest Day Recap Of Skinny Men In Tights, Or Get Over It, Lance Ain't Coming Back Now

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Since everyone no one seems to share my and Seth's obsession with Le Tour, surely you have been mesmerized by the drama unfolding on the slopes of the Pyrenees. The scuttlebutt is that defending winner Alberto Contador attacked while Andy Schleck was suffering a mechanical failure and (this is key) was wearing the yellow jersey (as the leader of the tour, also called Maillot Jaune, or Mellow Johnny if you want to Americanize it).

There's a precedent in cycling of not attacking the leader, if said leader is suffering from a mechanical failure. Not that you can't attack the leader, don't head butt or attack with a tire, those are ineffective measures and may get you kicked out. Plus if you are cyclist  you have the upper body strength of a kitten, perhaps kicking would be more productive.

Back to the subject at hand, this attack has gotten everyone all fired up, Team Little Al vs. Team Andy (also known as Team Tiny, Tiny Biceps).

I realize the perceived silliness of having a code of honor in cycling. But this doesn't involve other people's blood, needles or disappearing twins, this is more involves the long history and dignity (as much as can be expected in a sport that requires grown men to wear skin tight mulit-colored tights with diaper-like shammies in them) of cycling.

As this, the 97th version of  Le Tour rolls on, a recommendation to watch tomorrows Queen stage as there is a nasty, nasty climb up Col de Tourmalet to the finish line. Andy Schleck has proclaimed that his belly is full of anger, so watch out Contador, there not many things scarier that a pissed off Luxembourgish thirsty for revenge.