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Details On Suns' Final Contract Offer To Stoudemire

The Arizona Republic’s Paul Coro reports that Amar’e Stoudemire declined the apparently final contract offer from the Phoenix Suns, which would have been for five years and up to $96 million.

Years four and five were only partially guaranteed unless a minimum 2,200 minutes were played in years three and four, in which case the following year would become fully guaranteed.

The Suns had been looking for ways to protect themselves from further injuries to Amar’e, given his extended rehabilitation for knee and eye issues and the fact that they could not get the contract insured.

Following Stoudemire’s declination, Suns owner Robert Sarver moved quickly to secure Hakim Warrick, who will likely be part of a platoon of players that will attempt to replace Amar’e’s production until a “star” replacement can be found.

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