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Cards Links, Miscellaneous Not-So-Thinly-Veiled Insults

Only 13 days until the Cardinals kick off training camp in the cool pines of Flagstaff - football talk is starting to heat up. Here’s group of links to get you up to speed.

Adrian Wilson and Ken Whisenhunt did radio interviews in the last couple of days, via Coach Whisenhunt makes his feelings on Duece Lutui’s off-season workout regimen pretty clear:

"I have very little tolerance for that," Whisenhunt said. "Because, listen, this offseason, we had our guys in there working about as hard as I have ever been around. They are focused because everybody said we don’t have a chance, we lost all these players and we can’t do it. Our guys have really taken that challenge and worked hard. And it’s difficult when you have guys in there busting their tails and one of the players isn’t in there and then when he comes in and signs his contract, he’s pretty heavy. That is frustrating. The onus is on Deuce."

Whoops, Deuce, I guess that bacon-milkshake diet wasn’t the best idea.

Adrian Wilson expresses why he bypassed the bacon-milkshake diet and spent a ton of time in the gym:

"I don’t know, I think it’s an addiction," Wilson said. "My wife told me I need to be on the show "Intervention." … It’s the scare factor. You don’t want to be passed up or have people think you don’t got it. I’ve got it. A lot of people are talented, but I’m gifted. To me, that’s important for me to have people understand. There are a lot of talented safeties out there, there are a lot of talented guys in the league, but I’m gifted. And that’s something, for me, if I continue to work hard and if one day my talent begins to diminish, I can fall back on my hard work."

Wilson also has some opinions on Twitter, i.e. don’t hold your breath and wait for him to open an account.

Matt Leinart waves off USC’s NCAA penalties:

“I’ve talked to a lot of people I played with on those teams and we all say the same thing. Everyone who knows football knows we won those games and we won the title. It’s unfortunate what happened and you move on from it but I just feel for the guys who are there now but they’ll move on from it.”

I tell you what’s unfortunate: running late for Basket Weaving 102 and not being able to find a parking spot big enough to accommodate the Bentley.

Cards schedule is considered one of the easiest and that’s just fine.

Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald Jr. continued his voluntary workout camp on Friday, with other pros in attendance.